Telstar promotes aseptic technology at CPhI

Published: 31-Oct-2019

The latest solutions in isolation systems, sterilisation and pharmaceutical freeze-drying applications take centre stage at the German show

Telstar will be promoting the latest in isolation technology systems, sterilisation and pharmaceutical freeze-drying applications at CPhI Worldwide; engineering solutions designed to ensure an aseptic and efficient production of pharmaceutical processes.

Aligned with the Industry 4.0 challenges in the life science industry, Telstar will endorse its latest smart developments in the process analytical technology field for pharmaceutical freeze-drying systems and aseptic manufacturing processes, together with integrated process equipment and laboratory integrated management systems.

Advanced systems

In the freeze-drying process field, Lyogistics Zero is the only automatic vial loading and unloading system for freeze-drying processes that can be cleaned (CIP) and sterilised (SIP) in place inside the freeze-dryer chamber, Telstar claims.

Lyonuc is the nucleation induction method developed by Telstar, suitable for any type of freeze-dryer that reduces the duration of the primary drying cycle and ensures the uniformity and homogenization of the vials in all the batches, respecting the product’s morphology and physiochemical properties.

Lyomega SV is a new single-vessel GMP production freeze-dryer, optimised to maintain conventional workspace while making the footprint up to 20% smaller than a lyophiliser with standard external condenser configuration.

Lyogistics Smart R3 is the new automated inline vial management device able to reject, reintroduce and retrieve vials during the loading/unloading process into pharmaceutical freeze-dryers.

To safeguard the integrity of the lyophilised product, Telstar Lyosensing is a versatile process analyser developed to monitor the freeze-drying cycle and detect and prevent real and virtual leakages in pharma freeze-dryers.

The Telstar Lyometrics is an innovative soft-sensor temperature monitoring system in GMP industrial freeze-dryers with automatic loading/unloading systems designed to provide on-line monitoring of the global batch product temperature during primary drying, without the limitations and interferences imposed by physical probes.

A smart HVAC control system for cleanrooms will also be promoted, whose monitoring and controlling capability allows the system to reduce the frequency of air renovation cycles and to reach the maximum level permitted of particles in the room in accordance with GMP classification, while saving over 40% in energy consumption depending on the room operation and use.

Sterility test isolators

Telstar will also highlight the benefits of the latest sterility test isolators integrated with Telstar’s innovative ionHP+ bio-decontamination system, proven to dramatically decrease cycle times, increase the time available for process and reduce running costs, as well as other innovative solutions in isolation technology systems, sterilisation and water and pure steam generation.

The portfolio of the Spanish company, part of the Azbil Group, also includes integrated turnkey engineering and construction services for process facilities, manufacturing plants, critical installations and laboratories, as well as GMP consultancy for regulatory compliance and IT solutions for regulated processes and logistics management.

Meet the Telstar team at CPhI 2019 - Booth 110D32

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