Telstar builds Pharma facilities for B.Braun Spain


Handles project management under an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) arrangement

Telstar has completed the construction of the pharmaceutical manufacturing and process facilities for parenteral solutions in the new 30,000m2 LIFT (Lean Infusion Factory Technology) plant at B. Braun Group's production centre located in Rubí (Barcelona), Spain, which features three production lines.

Telstar handled the project management under an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) arrangement, which enabled direct client involvement in the project's development, particularly in the selection of vendors for the critical phases of the project.

The firm developed the engineering phases, coordinated all involved vendors, built the pharmaceutical manufacturing and process facilities, supplied the equipment and performed start-up and validation.

The facilities were designed for a continuous production process, which required the installation of four 30,000-litre manufacturing tanks, and two additional 15,000-litre tanks, to feed three bottling lines with 24/7 production capacity.

Telstar carried out the design, installation, start-up and validation of manufacturing tanks with magnetic stirring and interior product recirculation, which ensure a uniform and aseptic production. For the tank loading system, a critical phase of the process, Telstar implemented a custom, bin-to-tank product transfer system, using 'Alpha/Beta‘-type high containment valves.

In addition to the tanks, Telstar installed the transfer lines from the reactors to the bottling equipment, featuring blow-fill-seal technology and terminal filter systems.

For the raw materials preparation stage, Telstar supplied the weighing booths and Special Airlock Systems (SAS) for materials pass-throughs and unloading into bins, as well as a specially configured bin washer.

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The pharmaceutical manufacturing and process facilities operate automatically, including management of weighing, in-tank preparation management, traceability of bins in the LIFT manufacturing room, and interconnections to the new plant's other automated systems.

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