State-of-the-art cleanrooms processing cannabis in Denmark

Published: 24-Nov-2021

A biopharmaceutical company in Denmark produces cannabis for use in the medical sector. Close to the plantation, the active ingredients for their products are extracted in high-performance production and technology surroundings. Lindner SE | Clean Rooms realised the cleanroom area as well as the interior-fit of the connecting spaces

In a tranquil Danish community with around 1,250 inhabitants, a special greenhouse is located just outside the centre: medicinal cannabis thrives there under strictly controlled conditions on several thousand square metres. A biopharmaceutical company produces active cannabis ingredients for its products. The area is one of the most modern hybrid greenhouses worldwide: once all the greenhouses have been completed, the production of cannabis plants could be increased to 100 tonnes per year. The medicinal active ingredients open new therapy options for pain patients as well as patients with chronic diseases. Not only cultivation on the futuristic-looking plantations takes place in Denmark, also research on different cannabis species and active ingredient innovations. In order to be optimally equipped for this, another new building has now been added to the area according to plans by the architects Koppenhöfer + Partner. Lindner Clean Rooms was responsible for the interior fittings of the cleanroom area.

State-of-the-art cleanroom technology for new therapies

Together with a Danish general contractor, Lindner realised the cleanroom areas of class ISO 9/GMP D for the company in Denmark. Various products from the Lindner cleanroom range were used for the interior fittings: the visible post cap of the Line 80S Type 2 cleanroom ceiling with a width of 80 mm ensures a symmetrical, clear ceiling view. The ceiling system is fully walkable, so that installations and media routing in the ceiling cavity can be maintained particularly easily. The walk-on level is completely homogeneous and without any protrusions. The cleanroom-compatible sealing of all ceiling joints offers maximum impermeability and ensures simple and effective cleaning and disinfection. Ceiling outlets for air supply and extracted air ensure the necessary positive pressure in the room. The flush-mounted Lindner linear LED luminaires provide pleasant and high- performance lighting in the laboratories. For absolute impermeability, the luminaires’ glass is connected to the ceiling panel and sealed all around cleanroom-compatible as the luminaire housing is fitted from above. This makes the luminaire ideally for use in accessible ceiling systems, while at the same time the lighting in the laboratory allows concentrated and precise work.

Stainless steel – design element suitable for cleanrooms

The Lindner Pharma 80S with wall panels made of high-quality stainless steel is partly executed with duplo polish and partly with white RAL 9003 powder coating. Matching the ceiling grid, they are interrupted by stainless steel posts at intervals of 1,200 mm, resulting in a visually harmonious overall appearance. Integrated flush into the partition wall system, the door system Swing Pharma 80 – partly with automatic drive and lock control – creates the impression of transparency through its glass insert. The integrated locking system Inline 2 locks the door systems against each other in order to avoid cross-contamination. If one door of the room is open, the other must be locked to minimise the risk of cross- contamination. The Lindner door systems are supplemented by high-speed roller shutters from the manufacturer Assa Abloy, which also have lock control.

Next to the cleanroom area there are wet rooms with washing stations for the cleansing of the cannabis plants which are also fitted out with stainless steel. At several points, the wall system also connects directly to the freeze-dryers that are integrated into the laboratory walls. This is where the valuable raw materials are dried for processing.

Brilliant spaces

The cleanroom furniture used comes from the furniture specialists at Kemmlit and, like the entire staff lock furniture, was supplied and installed by Lindner. The furniture is complemented by a special Lindner solution that was implemented at a later state: media columns made of stainless steel, a subsequent special solution from Lindner, are installed floating freely on the ceiling ensuring the power and media supply and completing the picture. The glass in the doors and partitions as well as the glass facade of the building allow plenty of natural light to enter the cleanroom area, underlining the open impression of the laboratory: where produced high-quality active ingredients from plant-based raw materials in state-of-the-art processes.


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