Sharp Clinical Services Centre passes MHRA inspection

Published: 16-Apr-2019

New facility in Wales by the packaging company has received approval from the Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency in the UK to begin production

Sharp, part of the global contract packaging and clinical supply services UDG Healthcare, has received approval from the Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to begin production at its Clinical Services Centre of Excellence in Rhymney, Wales.

Following a successful inspection by the MHRA, Sharp can now offer a range of clinical trial and commercial services from brand new facilities including primary and secondary packaging with low humidity control, labelling, storage and distribution, QP services as well as controlled drug storage.

Sharp said the Centre is a £9.5 million investment and enables the company to offer a broader range of integrated services including serialisation and Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solutions for clinical trial management.

Frank Lis, president of Sharp Clinical Services, said: “The Clinical Services Centre of Excellence in Rhymney has tripled Sharp’s clinical service capacity for the pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research sectors.

“With the integrated capabilities on offer, the facility also better enables us to offer full-service support and meet the increased global demand for Phase III clinical trials and commercial pharmaceutical services.

“We are dedicated to supporting our customers for years to come and the Rhymney site is a sign of that commitment.”

The MHRA approval comes as Sharp celebrates its 30th year of clinical operations in the UK.

Lis added: “To be able to celebrate two such significant achievements at the same time is a testament to the effort and dedication of everyone involved in the success of Sharp.”

Sharp has also invested in a solar panel system at the site that will generate approximately 20% of Sharp Clinical Services’ total annual electricity requirements, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint and increasing environmental performance.

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