Regenerative medicine redefines life: Zhenghai Bio

Published: 4-Dec-2020

Wiskind has contributed to the advancement and development in the field of regenerative medicine with the completion of the Zhenghai Biological Project

The famous British science weekly Nature once described regenerative medicine in a special issue in 2016, calling it "a series of bold technologies and techniques, whose purpose is to restore our physiological state and make it similar to the original condition."

As a leader in the field of regenerative medicine in China, Zhenghai Biology is deeply engaged in the field, researching disciplines that promote tissue regeneration or self-repair, and uses biological and engineering methods to promote the physiological repair of tissues and organs wounds or defects, to give it the structure and function of normal tissues and organs, especially in the field of oral repair, is the only listed company that can produce oral repair films in China.

"Professional, Refined, Special" is the development path that Zhenghai Biotechnology has always adhered to. As a technology-based company, the workshop of this construction adopts high-end enclosure products such as Wiskind double glass magnesium rock wool cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors and windows, etc. Scientific and rigorous production environment has been established.

Wiskind's cleanroom panel is produced by the world's first continuous production line with independent intellectual property rights. The process flow of sheet forming, gluing, core material filling, composite pressing and finished product palletising is accurately measured and intelligently controlled to make the product quality more stable. At the same time, the non-standard panel automated production line developed by Wiskind solves the problems of unstable quality of cleanroom hand-made panels and insufficient capacity flexibility, and truly achieves "Technology makes every cleanroom panels the same quality."

"Wiskind cleanroom doors have been tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the positive and negative wind pressure resistance can reach level 6. This project uses the Wiskind cleanroom fire box door, which is integrated with the cleanroom door, and the visual effect is more beautiful and atmospheric.

The completion of the Zhenghai Biological Project indicates that Wiskind has contributed unique value to the advancement and development in the field of regenerative medicine, adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerity and goodness, harmony and symbiosis," with superb skills and sincere attitude, we have won the respect and praise from colleagues, peers and all sectors of society.

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