PCI Cleanroom solidifies footprint in the Rockies

Published: 4-Apr-2022

The construction business has reported a growing reach despite supply chain setbacks

Combining a growing professional market with sparsely populated plains, Colorado is at the intersection of need and opportunity. According to the Dodge Construction Network, Colorado’s construction market grew 21% across 2021, valuing at over $4 billion in the commercial and multi-family sectors alone.

This growth is also reflected in the booming cleanroom and mission-critical industries there and is why Denver, Colorado, is the home of PCI’s newest branch.

Opened in July 2021, PCI Denver started with customers requesting insulated metal panel (IMP) work in the area.

As Victoria Cowan, Operations Manager of the Denver branch, said: “The 1-person satellite branch quickly evolved into a full-service location, adding interior systems and cleanroom in short order.” The teams’ scopes and services continued to expand to meet the opportunities in the region. “PCI is providing design assist and installation of cleanrooms – both pharma and micro,” said Cowan, “as well as additional scopes like drywall & finishing, structural ceilings, access floors, mission-critical stack aisles and strut, and many others.”

We’re planning to use our current life science projects as a solid foundation to grow the cleanroom business

Cowan’s main challenge in setting up the new branch is one facing the entire industry—supply chain issues. This caused lags in purchasing tools and stocking the warehouse. But her resourcefulness found an answer. “We overcame the supply chain challenges by utilizing the strength of PCI’s nationwide relationships with vendors and suppliers to expedite shipping, in addition to receiving tools and equipment support from other established PCI branches.” PCI Denver is now operating with a fully stocked warehouse and a growing team of dedicated employees.

Cowan hired key local experts with experience in the regional market and assembled a diverse team from across the country, including many from Colorado. A native Coloradan herself, Cowan knows the strength and opportunity of her home state and is confident the results will soon speak for themselves.

“We’re planning to use our current life science projects as a solid foundation to grow the cleanroom business in both life science and microelectronics, since the Colorado cleanroom market is growing exponentially. As we evolve, we will push the boundaries of innovation and prefabrication to grow our business regionally. Our commitment is to provide the same level of service here in Colorado that our national clients have come to expect from PCI.”

Learn more about Cowan’s growing branch, as well as PCI’s nationwide service, at PerformanceContracting.com.

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