PCI Cleanroom Contracting's New England office showcases three full-scale cleanroom prototype options for clients to experience

Published: 15-Dec-2023

Professional services firms and clients have witnessed a rapid and escalating transformation over the past decade in the ever-evolving cleanroom industry. Change has only intensified in recent years, leaving no room for complacency

Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI), a renowned national leader in specialty contracting for 60 years, has taken a bold step forward with the Cleanroom Contracting division. Continuing their commitment to innovation, they have inaugurated their third visionary prototype demonstration space in the New England office. This third cutting-edge space showcases the groundbreaking solutions of G-CON Manufacturing, a global leader in off-site prefabricated cleanroom systems.

With the introduction of this latest demo space, PCI opens up new possibilities for the industry. By seamlessly integrating modular panel systems with custom-designed panels, G-CON offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility in creating cleanroom environments that meet the unique requirements of their clients.

PCI’s New England Cleanroom Operations Manager, Jason Teets, commented, “G-CON has taken a bold step in revolutionising cleanroom facilities with its latest offering: hybrid cleanroom solutions featuring proprietary 19-foot cleanroom wall panels, 10-foot-tall windows, self-supporting ceiling systems, cutting-edge maglock doors, and an array of specialty cleanroom components. A testament to their commitment to innovation, we proudly present a 300-square-foot G-CON model cleanroom featuring these groundbreaking systems, further showcasing PCI’s pioneering solutions and a compelling alternative for our cleanroom clientele.”

PCI New England's three cleanroom mock-up spaces offer clients multiple innovative hybrid cleanroom solutions and demonstrate the company's expertise. The mock-ups consist of:

  • A 300-square-foot G-CON cleanroom prototype featuring customised modular panels. The space includes innovative solutions like horizontal chase cavities, an incorporated plenum system, and proprietary door interlock modules. This solution simplifies project delivery while ensuring consistent quality.
  • A 300-square-foot DAGARD cleanroom prototype featuring modular panels and ceilings for high-quality envelopes and offers a variety of door options. This solution provides advanced performance for nearly every controlled environment.
  • A 300 square-foot Plascore Pharma prototype featuring a modular cleanroom with ceiling wall, door, window, and utility chase options offering flexible, smooth, and flush to meet the demands of the most stringent ISO standards.

Teets plans to utilise the mock-ups to display new innovations and the products and services that PCI offers. “Since the Boston/New England market is one of the world leaders in the life science industry, we believe these mock-ups will benefit everyone in the cleanroom construction community. The mock-ups allow clients to experience different options and demonstrate PCI New England's expertise in architectural turnkey cleanroom builds."

We aim to benefit the entire cleanroom construction community in the Boston/New England market.

To showcase the diverse capabilities of leading panel manufacturers and demonstrate a fully functional cleanroom environment, each mock-up constructed is a 300-square-foot space equipped with a comprehensive range of features. These include modular wall panels, self-supported walkable ceiling panels, glass wall panels, HEPA terminals, light fixtures, automated doors, windows, electrical/process utility panels, interlock functionality, and more. By utilising these mock-ups, the team highlights new innovations and effectively presents the range of products and services offered by PCI.

“Adding the third mock-up cleanroom allows us to provide additional solutions where our clients require highly detailed and customised cleanroom facilities, achieving the highest environmental control and safety levels. We know every day counts for our clients, and we stand ready to deliver. Our investment in New England allows us to provide for the increasing demand that we see throughout the region,” commented Christian DeLollo, General Manager for PCI’s New England Cleanroom operations.

The mock-up spaces provide clients with hands-on experience with PCI's cleanroom solutions. They showcase PCI's "Design/Assist" approach, where they work closely with clients from the conceptual design phase to develop an easily buildable and certifiable cleanroom design. This accelerated process helps clients bring products to market faster.

PCI New England has established a track record of prioritising safety and efficiency through their commitment to innovation. Their utilisation of modular panel construction enables projects to be completed swiftly and securely. However, according to Teets, their most powerful tool is their proactive approach before construction begins. Teets explains that their Design/Assist component is vital in providing an architectural turnkey cleanroom build. Collaborating closely with the general contractor, facility owner/end-user, and project architect seamlessly transforms a conceptual cGMP manufacturing cleanroom space into an IFC (Issued for Construction) design. This process ensures that the conceptual design is optimised for ease of construction and full certification as a cleanroom facility.

PCI's team of BIM design experts, led by Scott Kluegel, creates these IFC designs. Using cutting-edge visualisations, the team empowers customers to expedite product launches by addressing logistical challenges, creating realistic schedules, producing accurate shop drawings, and identifying long lead items before the IFC release. The value of this accelerated model is even more pronounced in the current market, where agility and efficiency are critical factors for success.

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