M Braun and nTact announce partnership agreement

Published: 26-Mar-2013

They will supply a complete system that includes gloveboxes and slot die coaters

The M Braun Group, headquartered in Germany, has strengthened its partnership with nTact, located in Dallas, Texas, US to support and advance research into coating applications for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) under inert gas processing environments.

The new partnership will allow both companies to offer a complete system solution – offering slot die coaters from nTact, and gloveboxes from the M Braun Group.

The partners will offer standardised and custom combined systems, marrying nTact’s premier nRad and nRad2 coating, and custom coaters to M Braun’s gloveboxes and custom enclosures. These various combinations allow the highest quality inert coating to be available for all stages of development, from research to full-scale production.

The systems offered by the partnership will be available for global distribution, including the US, Europe and throughout Asia.

The companies will offer interested parties demonstrations at one of either company’s laboratories. Those looking for highly specialised or innovative inert coating solutions are also invited to apply for a custom demonstration to show how nTact’s slot die coating technologies along with MBraun’s gloveboxes can be customised to suit their needs at any scale.

Both companies say this partnership will help them grow to serve better the evolving coating needs of many industries, particularly OLED producers, including display and solid state lighting (SSL), and the photovoltaic industry (OPV).

We can offer a proven process platform for the development and scale-up of OLED, photovoltaic, and related devices

“After several years of collaborating on various projects with MBraun, the market leader in inert gas systems, we are delighted to formalise our partnership to develop and deliver fully integrated process solutions. By combining our nRad family of coaters with M Braun’s gloveboxes, we can offer a proven process platform for the development and scale-up of OLED, photovoltaic, and related devices, based on high performance, high efficiency solution-processed layers,” said Greg Gibson, Chief Business Development Officer at nTact.

Martin Reinelt, President and CEO of the M Braun Group, added: “The M Braun Group is very excited about the opportunity to add the nTact slot die coating line to our comprehensive set of OLED, OPV, and SSL research and production solutions.

“The partnership with nTact gives M Braun the ability better to support and advance research in coating applications under inert gas processing environments.”

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