Esco Lifesciences reveals new biological safety cabinet

Published: 15-Jun-2023

Esco Lifesciences has revealed the new NSF-certified Labculture G4 Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet (LA2 G4)

The new Labculture G4 Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet boasts an array of updated features and is designed to provide containment and to ensure user and product protection. The cabinet is equipped with a Centurion Touchscreen controller, offering a user-friendly interface. 

One feature is the inclusion of a 3D BSC diagram, providing comprehensive safety information and virtual visibility of the cabinet's alarms. The diagram allows for easy comprehension and clear instructions on proper intervention in case of any alarm activation.

Additionally, the controller offers a selectable quickstart mode for fast operation. This feature allows users to initiate and set up the cabinet quickly, streamlining workflow and saving time in critical laboratory processes.

The LA2 G4 incorporates modern connectivity options to enhance functionality and convenience for users. With the inclusion of a USB port, accessing the cabinet's data log becomes effortless, allowing users to review and analyse vital information conveniently. Furthermore, the cabinet offers BMS connectivity. 

In addition, the newly integrated Remote Modbus feature allows users to securely access the biosafety cabinet from external devices, providing greater flexibility and remote-control capabilities. This feature ensures that users can conveniently monitor and manage the cabinet's operations. 

The LA2 G4 is designed specifically to offer excellent visibility during delicate procedures. It features a well-illuminated work zone powered by dimmable LED lights, ensuring optimal lighting conditions.

The LA2 G4 Biosafety Cabinet incorporates advancements in ECM motor technology which eliminates instabilities in cabinet airflow caused by fluctuations in the building power supply. This feature ensures a stable and consistent airflow throughout the cabinet, optimising containment and protecting valuable samples and personnel.

The cabinet also boasts environmental credentials with various energy-efficient components, which allow a low power consumption of 205 watts (4ft BSC). This reduces the laboratory's environmental footprint and leads to cost savings. 

For ergonomic purposes, the cabinet also features raised, durable stainless-steel armrests and a large, recessed spill-containing work tray, that promote comfortable and efficient work practices. This model still makes use of an advanced ULPA filtration system that is ten times more efficient in maintaining air cleanliness compared to traditional systems. This enhanced filtration ensures that the cabinet provides an ISO Class 3 work zone, guaranteeing a sterile environment for critical work.

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