Esco engineers gain NSF certification

Published: 20-Sep-2023

A team at containment expert Esco has achieved the NSF certifier status for Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) certification testing

In the world of science, safety is paramount. Laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities, and cleanrooms must adhere to rigorous safety standards to ensure the well-being of both personnel and the integrity of the work being conducted.

Recognising the critical importance of safety in these environments, Singapore-based Esco Lifesciences, a global expert in laboratory equipment and cleanroom solutions, has made an unwavering commitment to enhancing user safety.

Dedication to safety

Esco Lifesciences’ dedication to safety is more than just a corporate mantra; it's a driving force behind the company's success. To drive this commitment, Esco follows standards set by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a renowned organisation that specialises in developing and implementing safety standards across various industries. NSF certification is highly regarded worldwide, signifying that a product or individual meets stringent safety and quality standards.

Achieving the NSF certifier status for Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) certification testing is no small feat. Esco engineers go through a rigorous training programme carefully curated by Esco Technical Service Team. This programme guarantees that the engineers not only acquire a profound comprehension of the NSF 49 Standards for field testing but also develop the necessary practical skills for conducting testing and fault detection accurately in the field. Subsequently, the engineers must endure a challenging three-hour written examination assessing their technical knowledge, followed by a series of practical exams involving fault-finding scenarios.

Triumphant engineers

Esco engineers emerge from the training programme and examination not only with their globally recognised NSF49 certifier status but also with the commitment and dedication to provide customers and end-users with the very best field testing and field technical support. With the professional technical service they can render, Esco NSF-certified engineers can ensure customers and end-users have a peace of mind when operating their BSCs.

This year's group of engineers has propelled Esco Lifesciences to the top spot globally in terms of the number of certifiers, with the current count standing at an impressive 34 certified individuals.

Impact on safety

Esco's investment in NSF certification for its engineers directly translates into enhanced safety for customers. NSF-certified engineers are better equipped to install, maintain, and service laboratory equipment, biological safety cabinets, and cleanroom solutions, ensuring that they operate at peak efficiency and meet safety standards.

Furthermore, having a team of NSF-certified engineers demonstrates Esco's commitment to its customers' safety and satisfaction. It instils confidence that when working with Esco, users are partnering with a company that prioritises their well-being.

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