Esco Phillipines signs deal with the Philippine Society for Microbiology

Published: 10-Aug-2022

The containment specialist has signed a five-year partnership with the scientific organisation to create a positive impact in the microbiology community in the country

The Philippine Society for Microbiology (PSM), one of the most recognised scientific organisations in the country, has entrusted Esco Philippines with yet another partnership agreement.

The five-year partnership aims to strengthen EPI and PSM’s collaboration in the coming years.

Esco Philippines offers life sciences equipment, including biological safety cabinets, lab incubators and ovens, CO2 incubators, fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets, ultra-low temperature freezers, pharmaceutical isolators, airflow containment units, PCR cabinets, thermal cyclers, animal containment workstations, ART equipment, and powder weighing balance enclosures.

Through this agreement, Esco will continue to support PSM’s subsidy grants for new researchers and will be present at the upcoming PSM activities, such as the annual convention and cluster symposia.

To signify the partnership, the Esco logo will be featured in PSM, Philippine Academy for Microbiology (PAM), and Microbiology Consortium of the Philippines (MCP) background design, PSM convention website lobby/main page during physical and online events, and on all website pages (PSM National, Regional Chapters, and PAM), the front page of all PSM, PSM Regional, PSM-MCP publication materials, and in all PSM newsletters.

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EPI and PSM have shared the same objectives and supported each other in many ways. It was in 2019 when Esco Lifesciences started the collaboration with PSM to award Thesis Subsidy Grants (TSG) to support outstanding research papers by undergraduate and microbiology graduate students. Esco Philippines has also actively participated in PSM conferences and symposiums promoting biosafety awareness.

In addition, Esco and PSM will continue working alongside each other to create a positive impact in the microbiology community in the country.

The contract was presented by the PSM President Dr Donna May Papa, Dr Marian De Leon, and Christian Jordan to Ninoy Cahayon, Business Development Manager of Esco Philippines, at the EPI office in Pasay City last May 2022.

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