Cleanroom construction for a global high-tech enterprise

Published: 27-Jan-2021

Bloomage Biotechnology uses Wiskind for its cleanroom R&D and production laboratories

Bloomage Biotechnology is a global high-tech enterprise with hyaluronic acid microbial fermentation production technology as its core.

Its R&D and production laboratories all use Wiskind cleanroom construction equipment, including panels (made from rock wool) up to 15,000 sqm, more than 300 cleanroom colour steel doors and cleanroom windows.

Requirements of the building such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention were all met in terms of quality, high efficiency, reliability and safety.

Cleanroom construction for a global high-tech enterprise

The construction workshop is a cleanroom for cosmetics. Its the only one in China to simultaneously produce sodium hyaluronate raw materials and pharmaceutical excipients by fermentation, which passed the US FDA on-site inspection four times.

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