Alfa Laval sanitary pump provides high levels of hygiene

Published: 25-Mar-2009

Alfa Laval’s SolidC UltraPure centrifugal pump has been developed to provide maximum cleanability and high levels of hygiene for the pharmaceutical, biopharm and food industries. The company has married the concept used in its Solid C centrifugal pumps to the performance and efficiency of its UltraPure centrifugal sanitary pump to create the new range.

SolidC UltraPure is available in four sizes and 72 variants for each size range to suit most applications.

Central to the design of the new pump is a smooth, crevice-free surface, which prevents the accumulation of contaminants and bacterial growth. Consequently, the pumps are quick and easy to clean and consume less cleaning agent and water in the process.

In addition, the SolidC UltraPure features an external single-shaft or flushed-shaft seal with the spring mounted on the atmospheric side, and a defined-compression O-ring fitted on the back plate. This enables maintenance to be carried out quickly and inexpensively, taking about five minutes to replace. The pipe couplings are mounted on the pump housing so they do not need to be disconnected or the pump removed for inspection or maintenance.

Each pump has a three-year warranty covering all non-wear parts on the condition that genuine Alfa Laval Spare Parts are used.

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