Abzil Telstar appoints joint MDs in leadership restructure

Pictured, from left to right, Emili Pablos, Jochen Dick and Jordi Puig

Azbil Telstar has appointed Emili Pablos and Jordi Puig as joint Managing Directors. Along with the current CEO, Jochen Dick, who will keep his position, they form the company’s executive board team. Pablos and Puig have worked at the company as CFO and Global Business Development Director, respectively, since 2016. Both appointments are effective from 1st April 2022.

Jochen Dick said: “For the profitable growth journey of Telstar, this leadership model is more suitable to act more dynamically, and to leverage the power of diverse thinking”.

With the restructure, Dick’s executive functions will be focused on the management and leadership of corporate strategy development, while Puig and Pablos will share responsibility for business operational & executive management.

The management strategy has been set up to drive a new stage established by a solid business growth according to its mid-term plan until 2024. The company has experienced a substantial increase of its international production capacity in response to a sustained growth demand that has already led the company enlarge their production areas worldwide to reach a total of 28,000 sqm in 2024, doubling the existing production space.

Pablos said: “I feel that we are in front of a good opportunity to make our value chain stronger and worthwhile. We are ready to define a more efficient organisation and processes at the service of our clients”.

Puig said: “I expect that with this new organisation model we are able to enhance empowerment and initiative so to grow our business further in a sustainable manner”.

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