ABN finishes $8.7m Xenics micro-electronics project

Published: 28-Oct-2021

The company has finished the ISO Class 5 and 6 project for infrared detector and camera production in Belgium

ABN Cleanroom has supported Xenics in the construction and validation of its 175 sqm ISO Class 5 and 6 cleanrooms in Tienen, Belgium. For several years, Xenics has been working on the successful implementation of the technical, operational, and commercial strategy in order to become a world player in infrared detectors and cameras.

ABN used its circular and pre-engineered VIX concept for the project.

The products made in this area find application in many important and relevant public trends:

  • Sophisticated microscopes for scientific research
  • Machine vision applications in sorting food and waste recycling
  • Machine vision applications in non-destructive online quality inspection of semiconductor components
  • Detecting and locating oil spills and other contaminants in harbours, rivers, seas...
  • Optimising new production processes such as additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Supporting new applications in precision agriculture

In order to support future technological trends (higher performance, lower cost, smaller size detectors) and to address the related larger production volumes, Xenics took the strategic decision in 2019 to invest in a new cleanroom and suitable high-tech equipment. The total investment done by Xenics amounts to approximately €7.5m ($8.7m).

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The new cleanroom enables Xenics to produce sensors with adequate quality levels and in the right volumes, now and in the years to come.

Paul Ryckaert, Xenics CEO said: "In this way, Xenics, a Flemish company, can continue to play a worldwide leading role in the design, manufacture and sales of key high-tech components that have a significant impact on many aspects of our day-to-day lives."

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