Kenall expands cleanroom luminaires portfolio

Published: 3-Jun-2020

US-based Kenall has designed the luminaires to reduce the cost of ownership with energy efficiency and efficacy

Kenall is expanding its offering of sealed, high-performance cleanroom luminaires with the SimpleSeal CSERO and CSERI. These fixtures are engineered to protect the integrity of all makes of cleanrooms, creating bright, evenly-diffused light to improve worker comfort and boost productivity.

The luminaires are also designed to dramatically reduce the cost of ownership with energy efficiency and efficacy (as high as 175 lumens per watt).

Optics utilise KORE technology and permit the fixtures to be spaced farther apart, while still achieving required foot-candle levels.

"Only nine CSERO or CSERI fixtures using 837W are required to light a 30' x 30' space, rather than 20 competitor fixtures using 1,498W. Fewer luminaires leave more room in the ceiling for HEPA filters and other mechanicals, save installation and maintenance labour, and reduce ceiling penetrations and potential air leak points," Product Manager Tim Stevens elaborated. "In relighting projects, these luminaires can save building owners 42% more energy versus competitive offerings. As a result, we are able to completely eliminate glare and provide better energy efficiency, regardless of whether the project is new construction or an existing space."

The SimpleSeal CSERO is an overlapping-door, IP-66 rated luminaire with a broad range of lumen packages (2,600L - 21,000 L). It is appropriate for use in the most stringently-controlled cleanrooms, including Biosafety Lab (BSL) 3-4. The SimpleSeal CSERI has matching lumens, an inset-door and an IP-65 rating, making it appropriate for BSL 1-2. These new fixtures represent a strong addition to Kenall's already robust portfolio of cleanroom lighting products.

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