Freudenberg launches four-layer pocket filters

Published: 24-Mar-2011

Viledon Compact pocket filters feature 4-layered Nano jetSpin filter medium

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, a global technology leader in the fields of air and liquid filtration, has launched a new media technology on the market. The Viledon Compact pocket filters of the T 90, MF 90 and MF 95 series, feature a 4-layered medium and an integrated nanofibre layer, and achieve superlative filtering performance by means of mechanical arrestance coupled with a low pressure drop.

According to Freudenberg, the outstanding filtering performance of Viledon Compact pocket filters is based on a combination of rigorous mechanical filtration and the characteristics of purely synthetic-organic media: they are binder-free, non-breaking, waterproof and microbiologically inactive. The filters are said to offer high initial efficiencies and an outstanding dust storage capacity.

The Compact T 90, MF 90 and MF 95 pocket filters consist of 4-layered, progressively structured high-performance nonwovens made of non-breaking synthetic-organic fibers with a nanofibre layer. A jetSpin layer, together with a superfine Nano jetSpin layer, surrounded by a prefilter and a support layer, ensure optimised filtration of critical fine particles in the heart of the medium.

The new Compact pocket filters featuring Nano jetSpin nonwovens ensure reliable, effective arrestance of superfine critical dust particles. They are particularly well suited for sensitive installations and processes where specific safety requirements apply in terms of arrestance capability.

Irrespective of the conditions the filters have to cope with, they provide sustained high efficiency. This has been verified by checking the filter medium after isopropanol (IPA) treatment.

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