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At Vileda Professional we develop and manufacture leading edge cleaning solutions for professional users in various application areas, such as Healthcare and Controlled Environment

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Vileda Professional CE

Vileda Professional CE a division of The Freudenberg Group is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative cleaning tools used to mechanically clean Controlled Environments around the globe. We serve several specialist cleanroom markets including controlled environments in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, laboratories, and electronics. Facilities which are manufacturing products and are adopting a contamination control program now have a dedicated mechanical cleaning solutions partner. We provide complete contamination control solutions incl. planning, trial programs, training and implementation.

Vileda Professional CE offer innovative products that will enhance any cleaning and disinfecting routine as well as help lower the total cost of cleaning. Our products are validated scientifically by independent test institutes in line with ISO and GMP required standards. We are with you every step of the way to deliver you a higher standards and classifications of ‘clean’. By partnering with us we believe the higher the levels of mechanical cleaning action, biocontamination pick up and residue removal performance, we can help you deliver, you can achieve your very own Next Level Clean.


70 years of forward thinking. Everything we do grows from a constant dialogue with our customers. This made us a world leader in innovative cleaning solutions for controlled environments. We provide a complete contamination control concept including planning, trial programs, training and after sales care. We believe in making people work smarter, not harder. That is why we focus on ergonomics, performance and design at every stage of the R&D phase, while using unique and patented technologies. All that to help you realise a higher standard, a NEXT LEVEL CLEAN, sustainably!


Sounds too good to be true, right? Our Spend to Save concept is driven by our collaborative approach to business. Together, we develop a partnership and a relationship that will flourish over time from your very first investment. Investing in our brand, our people, our systems and our solutions may initially require an upfront cost but can lead to long term added value savings and benefits.

Imagine a scenario where spending money now with Vileda Professional CE allows you to save money in the future, this is absolutely achievable! Let's say you're considering buying a cheaper, low-quality product or system that costs less upfront. While it might seem like a cost saving option initially, it can end up being more expensive in the long run. Here are some considerations worth thinking about. When you purchase our mechanical cleaning systems and solutions, you are making an investment that can help you avoid more significant expenditure down the line. By doing this you also gain an experienced industry partner driven by real customer insight to deliver a Next Level Clean for your facility, sustainably!

By choosing Vileda Professional CE as your cleaning partner, you are making a conscious decision to save money. This is achieved by avoiding frequent repairs or worst-case scenario buying brand new replacements avoid ‘buy cheap’, ‘buy twice’ scenario. Additionally, our systems and solutions are designed with sustainable values handprint, footprint mindset. For example, if you invest in our durable pre prepared systems, they can drastically reduce your opportunity cost spend over time.

Ultimately, by spending money with Vileda Professional CE, you're not only investing in quality and longevity, but you're also making a wise financial decision that will impact your P&L positively. Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy if you choose to invest with Vileda Professional CE. So, by Spending to Save wisely now with Vileda Professional CE, you'll be saving money in the future and ensuring better overall value for your investment.


Vileda Professional CE is a world leader in the manufacturing of contamination control products for critical cleanroom environments. We commit ourselves to quality and excellence, every Vileda Professional CE system offers the highest cleaning standards and minimizes risk to your core business. We work with you and your unique environment to maximize production output and ensure a next level clean in every aspect of your cleaning regime. Our global cleanroom and controlled environment manufacturing partners are benefitting from our unique insight based, solution driven approach to the science of clean as we believe in a simple principle - The more we know about your facility, the better you clean.

Our innovative mechanical cleaning solutions and systems are specifically designed for the stringent demands of cleanroom and critical environment decontamination. Vileda Professional pioneered the development and launch of microfibre, now a complete gamechanger in mechanical cleaning technology. Our quality microfibre and more recently our unique ‘micronfibre’ base material delivers improved cleaning efficacy results in your mechanical cleaning and disinfection contamination control process. Our systems ensure your cleaning technicians clean smarter and faster, not harder achieving improved cleaning efficacy benchmarks.

With more than 70 years’ experience in mechanical cleaning, we work with our customers to develop rigorous contamination control and prevention processes and protocols. We understand with unique insight gained from our end users the demands our highly regulated industry requires. Regardless of the targeted market for your products, your manufacturing facility must be maintained with effective mechanical cleaning procedures.

We invite you to work with our contamination control specialists to find the right system that best fits your individual needs. This has been perfected over many years of experience listening to our customers and understanding their pain points. With regulatory compliance as a mindset and at the forefront of our R&D processes, our mechanical cleaning systems and solutions are validated and certified by independent test institutes in line with IEST, ISO regulations and GMP standards. A partnership with us will ensure together we will take your facilities mechanical cleaning contamination control processes and protocols to the next level!


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Vileda Professional CE

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets drugs or pharmaceuticals licensed for use as medications. Vileda Professional has innovative products that will enhance any cleaning/disinfecting routine as well as lower the cost of cleaning. Some of the largest pharmaceutical companies are already benefitting from our solution based products.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Vileda Professional CE

Medical devices include a wide range of medical instruments, implants and machines used in treatment, diagnosis or prevention of disease in humans or animals. Medical device manufacturing is often conducted in non-aseptic controlled environments and ISO classified cleanrooms. Regardless of the targeted market for the medical device, the manufacturing space must be maintained with effective cleaning procedures and Vileda Professional has the product offering to clean every part of your cleanroom.

Microelectronics & Semi-Conductor

Vileda Professional CE

Microelectronics relates to the manufacture of very small electronic designs and components. Microelectronics require precise particulate control in the cleanroom space to avoid damaging sensitive devices. Specific, regular cleaning procedures using Vileda Professional cleaning innovations will decrease the particulate levels in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Cell & Gene Therapy

Vileda Professional CE

Cell and gene therapy has been recognised as an effective form of patient treatment with various life-threatening conditions in recent times. As the popularity of this hi-tech treatment increases around the globe, research to develop and deliver these treatments has accelerated at pace. In order to do that safely and effectively aseptic controlled environments are critical to its success.


Vileda Professional CE

A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technical research, experiments and measurement may be performed. Despite the great differences among labs some features remain common. The use of workbenches or countertops, cabinets for storage and at least one computer work station can be found in just about any laboratory. In most labs controlling particulate and microbial contamination are primary concerns. Vileda Professional has systems that will address both of these issues.

Production and Clean Facility

Vileda Professional CE

A production facility is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several buildings, where workers manufacture goods or operate machines processing one product or another. “The Clean Factory” is a growing trend in the marketplace. With this concept, the goal is to properly clean the entryways and outer support areas of a factory. This will dramatically decrease the amount of contamination that can be carried or transported into the controlled environments. Vileda Professional has extensive knowledge of production facility cleaning and has a complete line of innovative products to enhance cleaning. From the front door to the back door and everything in between!

Compounding Pharmacy

Vileda Professional CE

Within a compounding pharmacy the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unique needs of a patient is done. Compounding pharmacies follow the USP 797 guidelines, achieving and maintaining USP 797 compliance requires knowledge of the industry as well as products that can target issues compounding pharmacies face that can stand in the way of maintaining these guidelines. The Vileda Professional team has the knowledge and our systems have the capability to help you maintain compliance.


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Vileda Professional CE

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