FREE WEBINAR: Annex 1 and your Environmental Monitoring Plan

Published: 28-Sep-2022

Watch Microgenetics' on-demand webinar on how an EMS can help your facility

Duration: 45 mins

The new Annex 1 is set to roll out next August, so what does this mean for your environmental monitoring plan?

Join Microgenetics for our webinar, where we’ll cover:

  • What Annex 1 requires of your plan
  • How to review your current plan
  • What an EMS is and how it can help you remain compliant


Edward Webber, Product Specialist - Quality Manager turned Product Specialist for Microgenetics, Ed has a deep understanding of regulation and contamination control within a facility. At Microgenetics, he is the voice of Quality professionals, writing technical articles and ensuring our products will help to solve some of the biggest challenges in environmental monitoring.

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