How digitalising your EM data will boost your data integrity

Published: 27-May-2022

Do you duplicate data in your environmental monitoring facility? If so, you’re not alone. Many environmental monitoring teams initially record results on a paper-based worksheet system, to later be transcribed to further paper-based systems, legacy databases, or spreadsheets for analysis

Not only is this wasting precious time which could otherwise be used for second checks or innovation, but if you use multiple systems for your environmental monitoring, you’re likely to be breaching the ALCOA+ principles of data integrity. Leading guidelines used by regulatory bodies such as the MHRA and FDA, ALCOA+ stands for:

How digitalising your EM data will boost your data integrity

Here are just a few ways in which you could be breaching the principles:

  • If you trend on a different system to the one you initially used to record your data, you won’t be using the original record.
  • Paper records are easily damaged or misplaced and spreadsheets frequently crash causing data loss – breaching enduring. This also means data isn’t always easily available.
  • Data may not be chronological on your data storage system; your original paper records could get muddled before transcription – especially likely if there is a delay between data collection and transcription – breaching consistent
  • Transcription stages increase risk of human error, so data may not be accurate
  • Creating audit trails is almost impossible across multiple systems, so can you be sure your data is complete?

Considering this, can you really trust your data?

Let’s look at SmartControl EM to see how digitalising your data can help.

SmartControl EM is a dedicated environmental monitoring solution designed for Quality professionals. Check out the brochure if you want to learn more about it.

In SmartControl EM, you’ll enter your data directly into the software, where it is stored as part of a record which will include your name, location, and time of entry. This improves accuracy, means data is contemporaneous and legible. Any subsequent changes to your record will form part of a complete audit trail.

Being cloud-based, your data is instantly accessible to anyone who needs it, at any time. The cloud provides you with enhanced security, so data is also enduring.

SmartControl EM has easy-to-use yet powerful trending, reporting and analysis tools. No need to move data between systems – your original record will always be used, giving you confidence in our data.

That’s just a few ways in which digitalising your data with SmartControl EM will boost your data integrity and give you confidence in your environmental monitoring.

Find out more about the risks of environmental monitoring when it comes to your data integrity by reading the whitepaper: Microbes aren’t your only threat.

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