Fast track upgrading of cleanrooms, R&D laboratories as well as critical healthcare departments

Published: 27-Jul-2020

During the COVID-19 period M-Wall scaled up in with their fast track solution a couple of governmental and hospital research facility as well as pharmaceutical preparation labs to achieve highest safety standards in detailing related to hygiene and disinfection performances and regulations.

M-Wall is often selected as supplier for high end wall finishing in pharmaceutical clean rooms, laboratories, research facilities as well as in operation theatres, central sterilization departments and other high-end healthcare and food facilities.

The M-Wall product range is easy to install in renovation projects as well as in new build facility setup’s wherefore endusers have a minimum of 'down time'. All product ranges are in compliance with highest technical standards such as fire performances, cleaning and disinfection regulations.

Cytostatic preparation

Cytostatic preparation

The team of M-Wall supports designers, end users and cleanroom builders to achieve a fully integrated materialisation and flush detailed system.All product ranges are developed by M-Wall for the specific required performances in the cleanroom and high care environment.

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