Entegris forms partnership with Sematech

Published: 25-Sep-2013

To develop nanoscale particle removal processes and wafer cleaning technology for the semiconductor industry

Entegris, a US specialist in contamination control and materials handling technologies for highly advanced manufacturing environments, is working with Sematech to develop nanoscale particle removal processes and cleaning technologies for next-generation wafers and devices.

The firms say the collaboration will address some of the process and equipment design changes taking place in the semiconductor industry, such as the integration of new materials and process technology for sub-20nm node manufacturing, next-generation lithography requirements and the progression to 450mm wafers.

One key issue relates to the preparation of critical surfaces through the entire semiconductor manufacturing process. Entegris will work with experts from Sematech’s Nanodefect Center to develop new technologies and solutions to reduce nano-scale particle contamination during wafer processing.

'Sematech’s Nanodefect Center aims to build industry participation in detecting, modelling, characterising, and providing solutions for defect issues as geometries shrink below the 10nm node,' said Michael Lercel, Sematech's Senior Director of Nanodefectivity and Metrology. 'Our partnership with Entegris brings additional expertise to Sematech, and in turn will raise the level of our research efforts and further strengthen our commitment in identifying the challenges of future technology nodes.'

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