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As a holistic service provider, we develop modular offers and individual concepts for your cleanroom tailored to your needs with comprehensive expertise and great passion.

 As a full-service provider, CWS Cleanrooms offers you everything from a single source: textiles, cleaning, on-site service, training and now, through our colleagues at STAXS® consumables.

Where the highest requirements for cleanrooms exist, CWS Cleanrooms is your reliable partner. We help you create a customised garment system that protects your product and the production environment from particulate and microbiological contamination while ensuring efficient working procedures. We take care of a seamless and absolutely reliable process - from collection to professional decontamination and on-time delivery. We have an emergency system in our certified laundries - should one laundry fail, others can step in and decontaminate the products to the same high standard.

The wide range of products extends across all GMP and ISO cleanroom classes and is carefully thought out at every step of the process. Sterilisation is also carried out in-house.


To provide you with full-service, in addition to our textile service through CWS Cleanrooms Cleaning DACH, Wero for BNL and SEE in IRE, both companies of CWS Cleanrooms, we also offer cleaning and disinfection in all cleanliness classes of sterile and dust-free production, so that your cleanroom prom processes can run safely at all times. With the most professional cleanroom equipment and specially trained staff, we ensure the highest level of cleanliness in your cleanroom.

CWS Cleanrooms


Our offer is rounded off by our Cleanroom Academy. With expertise from nearly 40 years of cleanroom experience, we teach correct behaviour in and around the cleanroom. We offer you a wide range of in-house training, coaching, day training and online services (online seminars, our Cleanroom Academy Online Learning Platform) from a comprehensive portfolio of training services.

CWS Cleanrooms

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