ENGIE Deutschland and SBI build cleanroom for laser manufacturer Coherent LaserSystems

Published: 28-May-2024

ENGIE Deutschland has been chosen to help build 2,600 sqm of cleanroom in Lübeck, Germany

Coherent LaserSystems, a global provider of lasers and photonics solutions, has enlisted the expertise of ENGIE Deutschland for the construction of a production facility for laser systems in Lübeck, Germany. 

Germany-based ENGIE is an expert in low-carbon energy and services.

This cleanroom project is also in collaboration with Siemke & Co Brücken (SBI), a Germany-based construction company, which is the general contractor in this project and is responsible for the construction of the facility.

The new production facility for laser systems will comprise approximately:

  • 2,600 sqm of cleanrooms
  • 1,900 sqm for potential cleanroom expansion
  • 1,100 sqm of laboratory space
  • Over 3,750 sqm of office, storage and technical space

In the laser industry, working with particle-sensitive components is the order of the day and even minimal deviations in the size and concentration of particles can have a significant impact on the quality and functionality of products. 

Maximilian Busch, Head of Sales & Engineering in the Building Technologies business unit at ENGIE Deutschland, said: "Cleanrooms have special requirements in terms of personal, product and environmental protection. We at ENGIE Deutschland are proud to have implemented a perfectly coordinated concept for Coherent LaserSystems for the cleanliness requirements of production, which sets standards in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability in the cleanroom."

The ENGIE team of experts will achieve this ISO class by using its own ceiling elements and filter units

The new cleanroom for Coherent LaserSystems will meet the requirements of the very demanding ISO Class 6 classification after its planned completion in December 2025. 

The ENGIE team of experts will achieve this, for example, by using its own ceiling elements and filter units.

Energy efficiency of the new facility 

ENGIE Deutschland is installing a photovoltaic system with an output of 230 kilowatt peak on the roof of the building, which will contribute to a completely electricity-based, renewable supply. 

Among other things, it feeds two water-cooled QUANTUM chillers with Green Heat Recovery from sister company ENGIE Refrigeration with a total cooling capacity of two megawatts for the cooling supply. 

These refrigeration systems with heat recovery make it possible to cover the entire heat requirement for heating the building using the heat generated in the refrigeration process. This approach has rarely been used in cleanrooms to date. 

This approach has rarely been used in cleanrooms to date

Busch added: "In the new clean room for Coherent LaserSystems, ENGIE Deutschland shows how we can combine the highest standards of functionality and sustainability with the right concept, even in sensitive environments.”

“This makes this project a beacon project with a model character for follow-up projects throughout the industry and fulfils our claim at ENGIE to accompany our customers on their way to climate neutrality in the best possible way,” Busch concluded. 

ENGIE Deutschland has more than 30 years of experience in cleanroom technology and implements projects throughout Germany for demanding industries ranging from optics and laser technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and chemicals to plastics and automotive.

ENGIE Deutschland and SBI build cleanroom for laser manufacturer Coherent LaserSystems

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