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Micronova Manufacturing

Micronova produces cleanroom supplies for the biotechnology, hi tech and pharmaceutical industries.


T-FIT® High Performance Insulation is the safest choice — for products, people and profits.


Felcon design and build specialist equipment for cleanrooms, laboratories and hospitals

Contamination Control Solutions

CCS provides products with technical support, validation services and education material for all your cleanroom needs.

Hydroflex Group

Hydroflex develops and manufactures specialised cleaning and hygiene products for cleanrooms and offers 360° cleanroom hygiene solutions.

Cleanroom Expert

Cleanroom Expert is a highly competitive company in Romania manufacturing cleanrooms to meet all ISO 14644-1 requirements for the most demanding customers. We take advantage of...

PCE Instruments

PCE Instruments manufactures and sells test instruments, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment for a vast range of different purposes and applications

B Braun Aseptic Consulting Service

In 2021 B.Braun launched B.Braun Aseptic Consulting Services, continuing B.Braun’s proud tradition of ‘Sharing Expertise’ and our company values of ‘Innovation’,... is a UK-based international cleanroom shop, cleanroom supplier and distributor of cleanroom supplies and cleanroom products

CMR Controls

CMR Controls manufactures low pressure and air flow measurement and control systems for standard air conditioning, clean rooms, sterile laboratories, microchip production areas...


Expert Clean Room & Clinical Environment Cleaning Services


CDC Cleanroom Specialists

Being in the industry for more than 2 decades, we master in design and construction of cleanrooms and containment laboratories, delivering controlled environments across all...

UV Medico A/S

UV Medico is a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of innovation, revolutionising the way we manage and combat pathogens within the realm of pharmaceutical...

QSGroup Srl

The perfect partner for your calibration, validation and instrument supply operations

Eagle Analytical

Eagle, an FDA and DEA registered laboratory, ensures patient safety and regulatory compliance. Specializing in pharmaceutical testing, we offer comprehensive solutions, from...