ColPro provides update on cleanroom for supplement packager

Published: 15-Nov-2021

Mondial Pack has chosen to work with ColPro Technical Solutions on several ground floor cleanrooms with an interlock door system

ColPro Technical Solutions has been in process of building several cleanrooms at Mondial Pack since mid-October.

Mondial produces and packages nutritional supplements as well as mixing raw materials and encapsulating or tabletting them. The company wants to completely unburden suppliers and trade organisations of food supplements in the field of production and packaging.

In order to meet the requirements in the field of food safety, Mondial applies strict standards and controls on the production and packaging of food supplements. Several quality marks confirm this expertise.

A goods lock in this cleanroom is also equipped with a number of high-speed roller doors

To meet these requirements, ColPro Technical Solutions were commissioned to build several cleanrooms on the ground floor. With the use of cleanrooms, work is done in a very 'clean' space. This concerns several smaller spaces with a total area of approximately 550 sqm.

The passenger lock is equipped with an interlock system and contactless door switches. To ensure the air pressure differences in the cleanrooms, it was decided to equip the doors with a Maasland interlock system. A goods lock in this cleanroom is also equipped with a number of high-speed roller doors that are connected to the same interlock system.

ColPro has now started to install various cleanrooms on the ground floor, including: a kitchen sink, laundry room, two cooking rooms, drying room, people lock and an elevator.

ColPro's cleanrooms are fully tailored to the wishes and requirements of the client. The air treatment system ensures that the relative humidity of the room remains at a low level. Because the air pressure in the cleanroom is higher than outside, the dirty air cannot enter the cleanroom.

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