CENTILLION's Test Lab is up and running!

Published: 20-Oct-2022

Best of its class, Centillion's advanced ZEISS Microscope System, capable of precise optical measurements and in-depth quality analysis, is used to expand the ways to verify our quality, as well as document the achieved results

On the mechanical measurements side, Centillion is already fully equipped with state-of-the-art Measurement Instruments. Internal and external dimensions of all types can be checked. Highly accurate 3D Romer arm allow the company to not only measure but define planar relation between measurement points and construct 3D models based on real life data.

The model can be compared and analysed to fortify any root cause analysis with better than 50um accuracy. Pull/Push and Shear forces can be precisely measured up to 1KN. The results can be reported graphically with diagrams plus detailed data and SPC Analysed.

All passive electronic components can be checked and measured in a wide range of values and precise limits. The measurements are performed by standard passive setup or electric circuit simulation. Completed with existing measurement systems and X-Ray, CENTILLION is ready to guarantee even better quality in the incoming processes as well as the final inspection procedures.

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