BTL announces new cytotoxic capability

Published: 12-Apr-2012

Completes the construction of a stand-alone cleanroom

Biopharma Technology Ltd (BTL) has completed the construction of a new standalone cleanroom, which enables the Winchester-based firm to provide freeze drying r&d services for cytotoxic products.

The laboratory has been built to provide both an outsourcing capability to smaller developers, and specific product development expertise to more established enterprises.

The suite contains a full range of characterisation and analysis equipment as well as a pilot-scale freeze dryer. This enables BTL to offer its full range of freeze drying product and process development services and small-scale production runs for cytotoxic products.

BTL’s commercial director Dr Laura Ciccolini says: “BTL is now able to provide a really exceptional combination of worldwide reputation for freeze drying expertise and safe cytotoxic processing.”

BTL has been a freeze drying specialist since 1997. The firm has developed products and processes for more than 1,000 types of product for companies worldwide, including small drug molecules, large complex biomolecules, living organisms, tissues, foods, and more.

BTL has also developed specialist analytical instruments for characterising products for freeze drying.

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