Biosphere contains hospital acquired infections in 24 hours

Published: 23-Jun-2014

Uses BioGen Dry Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (DVHP) biological decontamination system

Howorth Air Technology, known for its Exflow ultra-clean ventilation canopy, has added Biosphere, a relocatable permanent or semi-permanent 'isolation room', to its portfolio.

The company says BioSphere allows hospitals to contain healthcare associated infections (HAIs) safely and provides biological decontamination in just 24 hours.

A BioSphere unit can be erected around a single bed quickly and easily, and requires no remedial works to any existing services, ensuring minimal facility downtime. A hospital ward can have a single unit, or as many as needed.

BioSphere creates an individually contained and managed mini-environment around each patient care zone, which operates under a negative airflow system designed to contain pathogens and potential sources of HAIs. It delivers HEPA filtered air into the patient care zone to reduce the risk of airborne contamination.

The air that is recirculated into the general surrounding area is fully conditioned, with all particulates removed by 99.995% to 0.3µ (H14) and further filtered using advanced activated carbon to remove any odours or chemical contaminants. This means the air that exits the BioSphere unit is purer than the standard air in the hospital ward, so it also has a positive effect on the surrounding environment.

Each unit is fully stand-alone and requires no installation to any other HVAC system. When a patient arrives in BioSphere, they will enter a unit that has been totally decontaminated just prior to their arrival by Howorth’s BioGen Dry Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (DVHP) biological decontamination system (10-6 reduction). The unit is an unobtrusive addition to the ward, and provides a private and reassuring environment that promotes well-being and encourages healing.

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