Biologics Modular completes modular cannabis project

Published: 5-Feb-2021

Precision Extraction Solutions has chosen Biologics Modular to create prefabricated turn-key modular extraction pods

Precision Extraction Solutions, cannabis and hemp extraction technology specialist, has announced its exclusive partnership with Biologics Modular, designer and manufacturer of modular cleanroom facilities delivered in an intermodal container platform, to create prefabricated turn-key modular extraction pods that guarantee minimized capital cost and shorter production timelines.

The addition of flexible, scalable and transportable modular shipping containers expands Precision's portfolio of industry-leading extraction lab solutions.

The cannabis industry's rapid growth and the addition of newly-legalised recreational states presents immense opportunities for companies to establish themselves in new markets, but traditional construction for an extraction facility requires substantial capital and can take years to build.

Constructed at Biologics' manufacturing facilities and delivered on-site with quick electrical installation, Precision's new modular pods represent the first extraction product on the market available for near-immediate use in the cannabis space, enabling companies to meet expansion goals using less capital and to be operational in a matter of weeks.

The 20' or 40' pods can be used indoors or outdoors and come with various configuration options, providing clients with a scalable platform. This versatility, coupled with a seamless installation process, allows companies to expand without hiring general contractors or pausing operations, saving both time and resources as they scale up. All extraction pods are C1D1-capable and include a built-in HVAC system, fire-rated doors and static control flooring.

Compliant extraction labs must receive fire marshal approval and meet applicable building code guidelines, equipment requirements and safety regulations before assuming operations, which can take between six and twelve months. Precision's modular extraction pods are built to the building compliance codes and standards of the customer's local jurisdiction, thus bypassing the lengthy approval process and ensuring certification to allow for a fully operational pod within four to six weeks.

"We're thrilled to partner with Biologics to bring a one-stop solution in extraction labs that saves clients a significant amount of both time and investment," said Marc Beginin, CEO of Precision. "Given the cannabis industry's accelerated growth and recent legalisations in new markets, companies are looking to establish a presence and begin operations in new states as quickly as possible. We're proud to be the first and only C1D1-capable extraction technology provider in the space to provide robust, scalable extraction pods ready for immediate use, empowering labs to get up and running within weeks instead of months or years."

Founded in 2010, Biologics Modular manufactures pre-constructed and pre-tested modular cleanrooms and laboratory facilities. Their platform delivers easily portable and expandable production facilities to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In 2019, the company was issued a US patent for their mobile, modular cleanroom facility.

"Partnering with Precision Extraction Solutions, with their broad capabilities and understanding of delicate processes, allows us to deliver a higher-quality turn-key facility within a much tighter timeline," said Clark Byrum, President and CEO of Biologics. "Biologics Modular's delivery method enables us to build first-class facilities with less burden on the client than general construction. There is very little construction on-site, and we take the hard work off their hands by managing third-party inspection for local jurisdiction code compliance, keeping the process as seamless as possible for the customer."

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