BioFit marks 75th anniversary

Published: 5-Jul-2021

Emphasis on cleanroom seating design and construction

The right chair for the job rarely means just any chair.

It’s something that’s especially true of cleanroom and ESD-sensitive environments, where contaminants like loose particles and static electricity can have real consequences on people and products.

So, it only stands to reason that choosing seating specifically for the purpose should be standard practice.

2021 marks BioFit’s 75th year in the science of seating.

As a trailblazer in the development of cleanroom and ESD chairs and stools, we’ve long known the science behind the design and construction is where it starts.

Our precision-engineered and performance-tested chairs are true products of their environment.

Each is manufactured to provide the ideal combination of form and function, combining ergonomic features with ISO rating-specific, static-control or a required blend of cleanroom and ESD components and fabrication techniques to deliver distinctive products for specialised needs.

Download our high-tech seating brochure or build a chair to suit your needs with our online configurator. Contact us to discover more.

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