Autoclave range dedicated to improving lab sterilising efficiency

Published: 16-Jul-2020

Established energy efficiency and proven reliability make the Priorclave QCS range of horizontal cylindrical chamber autoclaves one of the most popular series of steam sterilizers currently available. They are proving themselves around the world as the ideal steriliser in many diverse sectors that include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, microbiology, utilities, and educational as well as critical research centres.

The QCS range includes laboratory autoclaves with 100, 150 and 200 litre stainless steel sterilising chambers. Designed and manufactured by British company Priorclave, they have been able to create a range that offers a larger diameter sterilising chamber than found in most cylindrical chamber designs yet achieve a compact overall build, keeping footprint to an absolute minimum. This affords organisation with limited floor space the opportunity still to invest in a fully featured laboratory autoclave and take advantage of their potential for savings on energy and water usage, key for those where stringent budgetary control is essential.

The very latest models in the QCS front loading autoclave range incorporate new advanced technology including the very latest version of the Priorclave Tactrol controller - TACTROL 3. This is a significant up-grade, the new user interface features a hi-res digital display screen and offers a more streamlined approach to programming the sterilising settings.

It also offers full setting security, managed with passcodes and a manual key-switch, making it ideal for environments where pre- programs need to be kept tamperproof

The new TACTROL 3 controller presents the user with a crystal-clear LCD display as well as providing a more simplistic approach to function settings, whilst still retaining the simple to use day to day operation of previous versions with Start, Vent and Door buttons. Overall the new controller gives more precise control and delivers information on cycle process to achieve the ultimate in sterilisation performance. It also offers full setting security, managed with passcodes and a manual key-switch, making it ideal for environments where pre- programs need to be kept tamperproof.

The display is not a touchscreen, settings and viewing of functions are simply accessed through a keypad and displayed on the high-resolution LCD display panel. This has significant advantages for the laboratory sector since settings can be made and checked without having to remove protective gloves. Throughout the entire range of QCS front loading autoclaves there is the powerful option to add Wi-Fi connectivity through BEE LIVE. Developed by Priorclave, the Bee Live upgrade provides immediate connectivity to a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Smart phones, tablets, iPads and laptops. It gives laboratory staff an opportunity to remotely monitor sterilising parameters during the processing cycle. Bee Live also allows authorised personnel a facility to alter, re-set programmed parameters and provide diagnostics for servicing.

Introducing a Priorclave QCS laboratory autoclave and research steriliser to any laboratory will enable it to improve throughput and reduce running costs, all brought about by the increased loading capacity and improved sterilising cycles. This can often save the lab manager from investing in a larger, heavier and more costly rectangular autoclaves.

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