Textiles rental firm Alsco adds electric trucks to fleet

Published: 19-Mar-2024

Uniform and textiles rental firm Alsco has added two electric trucks to its fleet as it adopts eco-friendly transportation solutions to reach its sustainability goals

Alsco, a uniform and textile rentals company, has announced the integration of two electric trucks into its growing fleet of vehicles.

The Australis-based global firm provides rental of uniforms, commercial linen, floor care solutions, washroom services, first aid services like managed first aid kits, and training services. 

The addition of eco-friendly transportation marks a milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Key Features and Benefits of the Electric Truck:

  • Zero-Emissions: The electric truck operates solely on clean, electric power, eliminating harmful greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the carbon footprint. In Melbourne, the truck is powered by the 263kWh solar farm on the roof of the branch.
  • High Performance: The electric truck boasts impressive power and torque, providing exceptional performance for their routes in their respective home cities.
  • Extended Range: Equipped with advanced battery technology, the electric truck offers an extended range, ensuring efficiency and reliability on every journey.

Alsco firmly believes that the integration of the electric truck into the fleet will not only enhance its operational efficiency but also inspire others in the industry to embrace sustainable transportation solutions.

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