Selecting materials and components for cleanrooms

Published: 4-Jul-2013

Choosing which materials to use for a cleanroom construction is increasingly complex due to the wide variety of options now available. Jorge Nuero, Telstar, looks at key considerations for optimising cost and ensuring safety and quality

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When deciding on the materials and elements to be used in the construction of a cleanroom, it is necessary to keep in mind the specific requirements and working conditions of each area. Only through appropriate design will the cost of installation be optimised and the resulting facility offer long-term safety and quality standards that meet user requirements.

The traditional building methods – where the walls and ceilings are constructed on site from raw materials, followed by the application of a PVC or epoxy finish coating – are rapidly being replaced by the use of modular elements built using self-supporting, factory-made sandwich panels.

This transition has occurred due to the many advantages offered by the use of modular elements, including:

  • rapid and clean installation
  • improved tracking of materials
  • reduction in waste and construction residue
  • reduction in variability introduced by those performing the installation
  • increase in quality (due to the fact that the materials are factory manufactured and finished to precise, pre-determined specifications)
  • better defined values of mechanical and chemical resistance and lower permeability to air and water

The main disadvantage of the modular method is that it is less flexible when the time comes to make changes in design, since it needs to be fully specified and designed in advance, which also requires that joints be added between existing elements to provide transitions between exiting and new construction.

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