Airbus Friedrichshafen lays groundwork for new satellite hub

Published: 31-May-2017

The hub will feature complex technology and equipment unique in Europe that enables various cleanroom classes to be operated in the central integration hall

Aeronautics manufacturer Airbus has commenced an intensive construction phase on its new €43 million satellite hub – the Integrated Technology Centre (ITC) – at its site in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

With dimensions of around 70m x 60m and a roof height of 20m, the building will expand the site’s current satellite integration capabilities.

The centre will begin operations in late summer 2018 and, when at full capacity, will allow up to eight large satellites to be integrated simultaneously.

The four-storey ITC will have a partial basement and a footprint of 4,250 m². At the heart of it will be a central cleanroom.

Over 2,000m² in size, the central integration hall will enable the simultaneous construction of up to eight large satellites and integration of complex subsystems and payloads. This area can be operated in cleanroom classes ISO 5 to ISO 8 without the need for partitioning into separate rooms.

The sophisticated ventilation system will enable particle reduction and help to prevent molecular contamination. The unique configuration of the ventilation system cuts operating costs by up to 70% compared to conventional system technology and enables cleanroom classes to be flexibly configured within the available space.

The two other wings of the building provide a further 1000m2 of integration and laboratory space for component manufacturing and includes a large visitor area. The transitional area linking to the existing integration building will have material and employee airlocks as well as goods receipt control.

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