AdvantaPure partners with CleanSpace and Genesis

Published: 30-Oct-2020

The cleanrooms will house tubing, extrusion equipment, mold presses, assembly, packaging and inspection areas

NewAge Industries, the parent company of AdvantaPure, has purchased a building in Warrington, just a few miles from its southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters.

The 90,000 sqft facility was acquired as an additional manufacturing site. Renovations are underway to accommodate production equipment for AdvantaPure high purity tubing and single-use assemblies used in the manufacture of vaccines and other biopharmaceutical products.

AdvantaPure is working with CleanSpace Modular and Genesis AEC on the design and construction of cleanrooms to house tubing extrusion equipment, mold presses, assembly, packaging and inspection areas. The company is expanding in order to increase its manufacturing capacity during this time of high product need relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and for the future.

“It took us a while to find the right property for our needs,” said Ken Baker, CEO of NewAge Industries, “but we’re excited to get this important project started. Genesis and CleanSpace listened to our needs, and they understand the vital nature of the products we’ll be manufacturing.”

Phase one of the renovation project has begun and involves preparing areas for clean room manufacturing and the installation of extrusion and injection molding equipment.

“We appreciate that NewAge selected our team to develop this critical project and expand their market supply,” said George Wiker, CleanSpace’s CEO. “The collaboration with Genesis is important to delivering a comprehensive solution to NewAge, so they may continue to be a leader in their market.”

Genesis President Norman Goldschmidt said: “It’s always exciting to be engaged with companies at the forefront of emerging technology, whether it be delivering new therapies or new equipment and devices. NewAge’s position as a leader in tubing and accessories for Single-Use technology makes this project essential to the developing cell and gene therapy markets as well as evolving biotechnology.”

AdvantaPure, CleanSpace and Genesis are collaborating on the design of the space with a goal to maximise workflows and efficiencies, which involves the careful and specific input and output of materials, as well as proper personnel entrances and exits. Raw materials and assembly components will be admitted to the cleanrooms at one area and finished products will exit at another.

“The new property will increase our manufacturing capacity a great deal,” noted Baker. “Demand for our platinum-cured silicone and TPE tubing and assemblies, used in vaccine development, ventilators and laboratories, has increased considerably because of the pandemic, and we anticipate that the need will continue.”

Renovations will be ongoing through this year and extend into 2021. NewAge Industries-AdvantaPure anticipates testing and validation of manufacturing equipment and environments to occur in 2021. The facility will be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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