2014 S-Lab Awards shortlist announced

Published: 1-Apr-2014

The international scheme highlights lab innovation around the globe

More than 30 labs from around the world have been shortlisted for the annual S-Lab Awards, with the winners to be presented at a ceremony preceding the Supporting World Class Science conference taking place at King’s College, London, UK on 2–3 September.

The awards cover many areas including: best practice in design and operation of new and refurbished lab facilities within both research and teaching; best application of environmental improvement actions including HVAC operation; lean production principles; improved chemical and sample management; more effective use of equipment and freezers; and use of IT.

'The 2014 Awards shortlist shows that laboratory design, management and operation are changing in response to new knowledge and technologies, competitive, financial and other pressures, and user expectations,' said Peter James, Director of the S-Lab: Supporting World Class Science Facilities initiative.

'The result is better research and teaching, more cost-effective operation – which can create more resource for actual science – and reduced environmental impact,' he said.

The shortlist includes 28 UK universities, as well as 11 universities, colleges and research centres from outside the UK (Auckland, Berkeley, Blackfeet Community College, Catalonia, Johns Hopkins, La Trobe, Massey, Minnesota, Oklahoma Medical Research Centre, Scranton and Singapore National Research Foundation).

It also includes labs within health bodies (UK Medical Research Council, US Center for Disease Control, West Middlesex University Hospital), start-ups and training organisations (Open Science Training Initiative, Spirogen) and from innovative lab suppliers (such as a Stirling Engine-based freezer design).

There are also awards for individuals and teams that have made a difference to laboratory performance.

Many of the shortlisted entrants will make presentations at the conference in September, which will provide a unique forum for science managers, estates and facilities, technical support, specialist services, suppliers and others to hear about the lab innovations and to network.

For the full awards shortlist visit www.effectivelab.org.uk

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