Wickham Laboratories introduces new in vitro pyrogenicity testing method

Published: 4-Jul-2016

The Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) is the latest addition to its portfolio of in vitro alternatives to in vivo testing methods 

Wickham Laboratories has introduced a new in vitro test method, the Monocyte Activation Test, for the assessment of pyrogenicity of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. The MAT is a non-animal alternative to the traditional rabbit pyrogen test. The company says it is pleased to have introduced it as part of its commitment to the reduction, refinement, and replacement of animal testing.

Wickham Laboratories has successfully verified the Merck PyroDetect System for the purpose of the pyrogenicity assessment via MAT according to European Pharmacopoeia 2.6.30. The MAT can detect pyrogenic contamination such as:

  • Gram-positive (non-endotoxin)
  • Gram-negative (endotoxin)
  • Other biological (virus, fungi)
  • Non-biological

The company says: 'Following the European Pharmacopoeia, any new product or device submitted for the MAT testing will be subjected to preparatory testing (product specific validation) – our experienced scientists will establish the suitability of the MAT method for each product, work on the development of an appropriate method and conduct a GMP product specific validation.'

For more information visit Monoctye Activation Testing (MAT) service.

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