TSO3 of Canada creates US sterilisation technology subsidiary

Published: 7-Jul-2015

To meet demand for product, service and education for Sterizone VP4 Sterilisation System

Canadian sterilisation technology company TSO3 has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, TSO3 Corporation, in South Carolina, US to meet the demands of US customers for product, service and education in sterilisation processes for medical devices.

The company has leased approximately 6,000ft2 (around 600m2) of space in Myrtle Beach, which will house US customer service and clinical education, in addition to acting as a US warehouse and service depot. It is expected to open in August.

TSO3 President and CEO Ric Rumble explained that the company has spent the second quarter of 2015 engaged in developing a formal commercialisation process for its Sterizone Sterilisation System and together with its sales and service partner, Getinge Infection Control, expects to secure contracts with leading Group Purchasing Organisations (GPOs) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).

'As a result of these efforts, it became clear that it was time to execute our plans to open a US location focused on the education and ongoing service requirements of the US customers,' he said.

'While the foundation and technical expertise of the company is and will remain in Quebec City, establishing a presence in the US, which represents 40% of the worldwide market, will allow us to more effectively reach out to and service this high opportunity market.'

The Sterizone VP4 is a dual sterilant, low temperature sterilisation system that uses vaporised hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ozone. Its single cycle can sterilise a large number and wide range of compatible devices, thereby allowing for a cost effective and error-free sterilisation process. TSO3's Dynamic Sterilant Delivery System automatically adjusts the quantity of injected sterilant based on the load composition, weight and temperature. With its 75lb (around 35kg) load capacity and a short cycle time, the Sterizone VP4 Sterilisation System can enhance throughput and lower sterilisation cost, the company says. The system was cleared for commercialisation in the US in December 2014.

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