The new boundaries of biodecontamination in cleanroom

Published: 10-Nov-2022

You can connect directly from your smartphone! The easy-to-use interface clearly leads the user during the key steps of the biodecontamination activity, from initial set-up through QR Code, to the draft of final reports

Zherox App System

Remote control

AM Cloud app allows you to constantly keep under control the state of Zherox® machines and to control them remotely.


Thanks to its innovative system, Zherox® machines are able to communicate and organise the biodecontamination process for optimal results

Real-time notifications

Possibility to receive notifications and warnings about the state of machines, activities and maintenances directly on your smartphone

HPE Technology

An <8% hydrogen peroxide solution is dispensed through a TLP nozzle, creating a mist of micro droplets. that are then passed  through a high voltage electromagnetic field that ionizes the hydrogen peroxide. The resulting solution has a high concentration of hydroxyl radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROSs), which damages micro-organisms through oxidation of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

The electro magnetic field imparts an electrostatic charge to the mist, that acts like a gas due to mutually repulsive positively charged particles. The results is an extremely high diffusion property to easily reach 100% of the whole area.

The outcome? A fast, safe and efficient biodecontamination.

Operator safety

Zherox redefines safety standards of biodecontamination in cleanroom thanks to remote monitoring and control via smartphone, which prevent the operator from exposing to the disinfectant solution.

Zherox can be equipped with a hydrogen peroxide sensor which can monitor the concentration inside the room in order to suggest when safety conditions are re-established.

Zherox® Light

Zherox® Light  is the AM Instruments stand alone device for environmental biodecontamination with HPE technology.

Zherox® b-pack

Zherox b-pack is AM Instruments new biodecontamination system for environments and surfaces against viruses and bacteria.

Zherox HPE innovative technology is applied to a lightweight and portable system, which allows easy and safe use for the operator and a validated efficacy even in the most critical and difficult to reach places


The aluminium alloy frame and the ABS body make the unit light and ideal for frequent use, avoiding operator fatigue.


Passing through the ionising energy source allows the solution to increase the oxidising effectiveness by 50% while reducing cycles duration.


The technology, used for biodecontamination in cleanroom, ensures GMP quality which is typical of the pharmaceutical industry and has a maximum material compatibility: the solution used has a concentration 4 times lower (<8%) than VHP systems (35%).

The system has no risk classifications, it’s not explosive, it’s not flammable, it’s not corrosive and it doesn’t require cleaning at the end of the process.


AM Instruments guarantee the achievement of microbial killing up to Log 6 even in the most critical and difficult places to reach.

Thanks to its high compatibility, Zherox technology is suitable for any material (glass, PVC, laminates, sentitive electronics and metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, etc.).

It is odourless and does not require cleaning at the end of the process.

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