Taikisha opens business development HQ to focus on geographical expansion

Published: 13-Mar-2024

The Japan-based HVAC and cleanroom expert has created a new business development HQ in order to focus on entry and expansion in new regions

Japan-based Taikisha has announced plans to establish a new Business Development Headquarters in April 2024.

Taikisha told Cleanroom Technology that this new headquarters would be established at its head office in Tokyo, Japan.

The new HQ aims to promote more unified management and business operations of the Taikisha Group from a global perspective.

The HVAC and cleanroom expert has been operating since 1913, and in this time has developed a hugely international operation.

The group's global network covers around 20 countries and regions, and is one of the company's strengths.

The new HQ

The Taikisha President, Masashi Osada, will serve concurrently as the Chief Executive of the Business Development Headquarters and lead initiatives to create and implement growth strategies, including the development of new business fields.

The newly established HQ has been created to plan and promote business development, including entry into and expansion of businesses in countries and regions with growth potential. This aims to increase M&A, capital and business alliances, etc.

The new HQ will also emphasise accumulating know-how, as well as strengthening management systems across all global branches.

"The environment surrounding our businesses is changing rapidly and fostering greater uncertainty," Taikisha stated. "Against this backdrop, Taikisha Group will strive to improve the collective ability of the group to achieve global business growth."

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