Solo launches rigid acrylic Haz-Mat powder handling enclosures

Published: 22-Feb-2012

New range offers a low-cost alternative to stainless steel

Solo, the flexible film isolator manufacturer, has expanded its product offering by launching a range of rigid acrylic isolators and LEV enclosures. The product range, badged soloMAX, provides a low-cost alternative to stainless steel LEV enclosures and isolators.

The company claims its fine powder handling LEV enclosures will reduce operator exposure standards well below the 1.0μ/m3 level. The soloMAX isolators take exposure down to nanogram levels and are backed up by detailed SOP development and optional OH monitoring.

The LEV enclosures feature super-silent variable speed fans that may be direct or remote mounted. Solo is offering 2-stage HEPA H14 panel filters – with safe change option on LEV enclosures and mini “push/push” H14 HEPA on low flow isolation units. The “push/push” system permits contaminated filters to be pushed through into the contaminated chamber where they can be over-bagged and passed out via the Solo bag-out port system.

Solo has designed the soloMAX range with operator comfort and convenience in mind. LEV enclosures feature lift-up access screens for occasional cleaning. The isolator range features ovoid glove ports that are designed to permit maximum arm movement.

All the soloMAX products are suitable for operation with analytical balances and can be designed to incorporate drum lifter devices and other equipment interfaces.

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