Pharmadule reaches milestone in Morroccan modular vaccine facility

Published: 24-May-2022

The China-based modular cleanroom specialist has battled through strict Shanghai lockdowns to meet the quick construction deadlines

The Modular Vaccine Plant Project in Morocco, which was built by Pharmadule Morimatsu AB, has reached a major milestone. Factory fabrication has been completed and will be transported to the project site shortly for final site installation and commissioning work.

This project is about a vaccine manufacturing plant built by the Moroccan government with an investment of about $300 million. After the modular vaccine plant is put into production, it will fill the blank of vaccine production in Africa and realise aseptic filling of more than 20 kinds of vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccine.

This project received investment from the Moroccan government for about $300m

The total output will reach 116 million doses by 2023, meeting more than 70% of the needs of Morocco and 60% of the African continent in the future.

In January 2022, the groundbreaking ceremony of the project was held in Benslimane Province, Casablanca-Setat area, Morocco's economic centre. King Mohammed VI attended and presided over the ceremony. As an important project of cooperation between China and Morocco, it is of great significance.

At the moment of the epidemic, by virtue of the one-stop modular factory solution, Pharmadule Morimatsu AB is helping owners realise a leap from concept to reality with a turnkey service, so as to help Morocco quickly realise the localisation of vaccines.

The new vaccine factory in Morocco has three filling workshops, three packaging workshops and QC laboratories, with a building area of about 10,000 sqm.

Pharmadule reaches milestone in Morroccan modular vaccine facility

The journey

For a project of this magnitude, building in a traditional way would have to take more than 2 years, while Pharmadule Morimatsu AB completed the project factory building in only 6 months.

During the design, Pharmadule Morimatsu AB team maintained efficient communication with the Moroccan owner team and the Moroccan local government drawing review agency, overcame the time difference and quickly integrated opinions from many parties. It took only one month to complete the overall planning and graphic design of the project, and two months to complete the overall foundation design and detailed design.

At the end of March, Shanghai suffered a large-scale outbreak of COVID-19 and entered a state of closed control

During the procurement and production Pharmadule Morimatsu AB demonstrated its strong supply chain deployment and manufacturing capabilities, achieved 80% of factory manufacturing with the combination of advantages of modular off-site construction, highly integrated cleanroom, process equipment, ducting, ventilation, electrical, BMS & EMS, fire alarm, security and other systems, minimising site workload and thus greatly shortening the overall construction cycle of the project.

At the end of March, Shanghai suffered a large-scale outbreak of COVID-19 and entered a state of closed control, so the project received great attention and support from the Moroccan government, the Moroccan Embassy, and governments at all levels in Shanghai.

Pharmadule Morimatsu AB dedicated the entire company to closed production under extremely difficult conditions, overcome numerous difficulties, and finally achieved smooth delivery.

Based on the rich global experience in modular whole plant delivery of Pharmadule Morimatsu AB, and driven by customer demand and constant pursuit of delivery miracles, Pharmadule Morimatsu AB will continue to pioneer and make greater contributions to the global anti-epidemic and pharmaceutical industry.

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