Pharmadule plans conference in Egypt on next-gen pharmaceutical facilities

Published: 8-Feb-2023

Together with partners in Egypt, United Group and EIPICO, Pharmadule has arranged a 1-day conference in Cairo

Pharmadule, United Group Engineering & Contracting, and EPIPCO have hosted a conference in Egypt.

Taking place in Cairo for one day, the conference will centre around the topic of "Next-generation pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities", and will feature speakers from pharmaceutical heavyweights such as WuXi Biologics and Key2Compliance.

The conference took place on 7th February 2023 and the seminar focused on different trends in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory & cGMP compliance, modular construction and much more.

"The landscape for pharmaceutical manufacturing is changing. New treatments require new manufacturing technologies. That is why next-generation pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are designed for production of biologicals. To capture the market opportunities certain key factors to project execution become paramount such as; Speed – Flexibility - Predictability."

The organisers

Pharmadule: Pharmaduledelivers services and manufacturing facilities to the life sciences and consumer products industries to clients all over the world.

United Group: United Group Engineering and contracting (UG Alex) was founded in 2002 by Mr Mostafa Ali and Eng Khalid Abou Youssef; who have a significant number of years of experience in the pharmaceutical engineering & HVAC fields. It was formed as an expert in providing design, engineering and contracting services in electric and mechanical fields.

EIPICO: The Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Company started production in 1985 as a leading company in Egypt and in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region, to produce pharmaceutical products according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations, with the aim of providing local and international markets with high-quality products at affordable prices. 

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