ZHEROX - AMTech by AM Instruments

Published: 14-May-2020

Environmental biodecontamination system with hydrogen peroxide ionisation technology

Zherox is the new system for environmental decontamination entirely designed and produced by AMTech. Through a fully traceable process, the system is capable of sanitising up to 300 cubic metres with a single device. For larger areas, multiple machines can be used simultaneously. The machines are automatically interconnected via wifi and are managed as a single system, allowing optimum diffusion of the spray and reduced cycle times.

Pre-set recorded biodecontamination cycles can be recalled and started by the integrated touch screen. A timer allows delaying operations while the operator leaves the room. As an alternative, the web server on the machine allows a remote connection to any fixed or mobile device to start the preferred cycle.

To increase the biodecontaminating power of the solution and to ensure that it is optimally distributed, the sprayed solution passes through an ionising energy source consisting of an electromagnetic field.

The system guarantees the complete traceability of biodecontamination operations: the insertion or modification of operating parameters, configuration, maintenance, users, details of the sanitising agent used. All operations are recorded and available for consultation and the generation of reports.

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