Wireless autonomous data loggers LOG-HC2-RC

Published: 4-Jan-2012

Suitable for the most diverse monitoring tasks in industry and science

The wireless autonomous data loggers LOG-HC2-RC from Rotronic are suitable for the most diverse humidity and temperature monitoring tasks. RF transmissions save the user wiring costs, and useful data can be recorded quickly and easily where access is severely restricted.

This combination of wireless transmissions and data logger results in maximised failure safety.

The data are sent as powered NFC tags at 433 MHz and can be received via a USB dongle up to 100 metres away, depending on the environment.

The data are read out by the auto install software. Privacy is protected with an activating access code (PIN) that comes with every device. Both single devices and groups can be enabled for data readout. The software allows the user to configure and read out up to 100 devices at the same time.

For further details on the new wireless data loggers and for comprehensive information on humidity and temperature measurements at Rotronic, visit www.rotronic.com or call us on +41 44 838 11 44.

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