The best solutions for gloved hand disinfection


AM Instruments' solution to gloved hand disinfection is My&Clean+, and here is why:

The best solutions for gloved hand disinfection

Total elimination of cross-contamination risk

The liquid is released directly from the original bottle housed in the device, an innovation that cuts down the need of bottle handling, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Sterility of sanitising product is guaranteed by the bottle itself, which original packaging is not compromised at all during the housing and use of the device.

Data Integrity & Traceability

My&Clean+® can be installed individually as multiple interconnected devices. The device recognises the individual operator thanks to a silicon RFID bracelet, then validates and records the gloved hand sanitisation, with no need for direct contact with the machine.

It is also possible to check the level of liquid available in the trigger directly on the display.

“The sterile gloves must be regularly disinfected or modified, as appropriate, to minimise the risk of contamination.” – FDA

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“Gloves should be regularly disinfected during operations.” – Annex 1 -7.16

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