TSI upgrades capabilities of HM675 and HM685 hydronic manometers


Enables them to be used to balance hydronic heating and cooling systems

HM675 hydronic manometer

HM675 hydronic manometer

TSI Incorporated, a manufacturer of precision measurement instrumentation, has expanded the capability of its HM675 and HM685 hydronic manometers so that they can be used to balance commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems, check pump performance and to set balancing valves.

The US-headquartered firm says both models feature inputs for two temperature probes to maximise efficiency. Model HM685 performs onboard universal flow and btu/hr calculations and allows for four times more storage capacity for increased recall and downloading capability.

Backed by proven TSI technology, the updated meters replace the previous TSI-Alnor Models HM670 and HM680.

TSI has maintained their same robust, splash-proof design as well as their ability to simultaneously measure and display differential, high side and low side pressure without having to change the hose connections or instrument valve settings. Likewise, the backlit display accommodates use in low-light areas, while four alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries supply long-life power to get the job done.

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\'By increasing the capabilities of the new hydronic manometers, you can expect to be more efficient on the job site,\' said Jim Schumacher, TSI Product Specialist. \'The added benefits of these instruments are significant when considering the time you can save through their easy setup and operation.\'