Solo launches transfer hatch range

Published: 18-Jul-2011

Attaches to any flexible film isolator for easy loading and unloading of materials

In response to customer demand for easy loading/unloading materials into their isolators, Solo’s designers have developed a transfer hatch system that can be easily attached to any flexible film isolator design, assuring easier loading cycles compared with using conventional glove-bag zipper airlocks.

Manufactured in cost-effective acrylic, Solo claims its hatch offers both cost and functionality advantages over stainless steel pass box systems.

The Solo hatch may be integrated into any containment isolator or provided as a standalone item for facility through-wall mounting. A wall bulkhead flange is available to ensure a hermetic seal is created between the hatch body and the facility structure.

Through-wall mounting brings the cost benefits of the Solo design to facility applications such as pharmacy, medical or laboratory applications where stainless steel transfer hatch technology is beyond budget constraints.

The Solo transfer hatch system is available in a range of sizes with either gasket seal mechanical interlock doors or with a plc /inflatable seal package that may be upgraded to control a ventilation purge, decontamination fogging or a bio-decontamination HPV cycle.

Current sizes are based around a 500mm cube and 600mm cube hatch body, but according to Solo Managing Director Martyn Ryder, “while initial designs are based around simple cubic formats, the acrylic hatch system may be customised to suit client-specific applications and has the benefits of lower cost and easier operation monitoring”.

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