Seal Shield unveils air purification system for healthcare market

AeroShield kills bugs while cooling and filtering the air around a computer

AeroShield kills pathogens while cooling and filtering the air

Seal Shield, a US-based supplier of infection control technology for hospitals and the home, has developed the AeroShield PC enclosure and air purification system for the healthcare market.

Using Airocide technology developed by NASA and approved by the US FDA, the AeroShield destroys organic pathogens in the air while cooling and filtering the air, protecting patients and healthcare staff from airborne pathogens.

According to Christian Davis, Seal Shield’s Vice President of Technology: 'Electronics use ambient air for cooling. As such, these devices take in contaminated air, incubate airborne pathogens and redistribute the infected air back into the environment. This poses a risk to the electronics and creates a troublesome cross contamination point for healthcare workers and their patients.'

'To prevent airborne transmission, healthcare staff should exercise great care to disinfect inanimate environments,' advised Davis.

Seal Shield's CEO, Brad Whitchurch, added: 'The AeroShield PC enclosure protects people from airborne pathogens while keeping computer electronics free from particulate debris, extending the life of the electronic equipment.'

Seal Shield, located in Jacksonville, FL, designs, develops and manufactures medical grade, infection prevention technology for hospitals and the home, including air purifiers, waterproof keyboards, mice, TV remotes and protection products for smart phones and tablets.